Andy Alexander

I leverage proven SEO strategies in order to generate measurable results.

Discover Me

Andy Alexander is a Senior Digital Content Specialist / SEO Strategist.

I would consider myself an award winning search engine marketing (SEM) specialist living in Orlando FL. When I'm not making web content more appealing to search engines, I'm increasing sales and generating leads with landing pages.

I have worked for the past 20+ years as a SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst, SEO Advisor, Local SEO Consultant, Web Content Specialist and currently a Senior Digital Content Specialist.

My SEO/SEM experience includes working with small and medium-sized businesses to providing digital marketing for agencies and large corporations.

Skills Rated:

HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP 98%
Search Engine Optinization (SEO) 100%
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 89%
Website/Blog Monetization 92%
Wordpress 77%
Social Media (Marketing & Branding) 90%